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Spanish Bungalow Garage Conversion ADU in El Segundo

1 BD, 3/4 BA | 470 SQFT

El Segundo, Los Angeles, USA

Plans $7490

Est. Construction $175000

Transforming a 1932 Garage into a Stunning Spanish Garage Conversion ADU

The Birth of a Spanish Bungalow ADU

This handsome Spanish Bungalow began its journey as a detached 2-car garage, originally built in 1932. Nestled in the backyard of a charming home, this garage held potential that the owners, a growing family, sought to unlock. Limited space in their 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom main house prompted them to reach out for help in converting their garage into a functional living space. Thus, the concept of a garage conversion ADU was born.

Challenges and Aspirations

Space Constraints and Family Needs

The owners desired a one-bedroom ADU to accommodate their expanding family. However, they faced a significant challenge: they did not want to lose any of their valuable backyard to make way for the small addition required to convert the garage into a true one-bedroom home. The need for extra living space was pressing, but so was the need to maintain their outdoor area.

Preserving Backyard Space

Maintaining the backyard was a priority. The family enjoyed their outdoor space and did not want to sacrifice it for the sake of additional indoor space. The goal was clear: to create a garage conversion ADU that provided the necessary living area while preserving the cherished backyard.

Designing the Perfect Garage Conversion ADU

Innovative Solution

We listened carefully to the family’s desires and designed the perfect solution. Our approach was to extend the garage conversion ADU forward, attaching it to the existing home. This innovative design added the extra bedroom they needed without encroaching on their backyard.

Seamless Integration

To ensure the new ADU felt like a natural extension of the original home, we meticulously matched the architectural style. A breezeway was added to separate the main house from the ADU, maintaining a distinct yet connected feel. This breezeway also preserved access from the driveway to the backyard, ensuring the functionality of the outdoor space remained intact.

The Result: A Beautifully Integrated Garage Conversion ADU

Maintaining Original Design Aesthetics

The result is a brand new garage conversion ADU that looks as though it was part of the home’s original design. By extending the structure forward and incorporating matching architectural elements, we created a seamless blend of old and new. The Spanish Bungalow now features an elegant addition that enhances the overall aesthetic of the property.

Functional and Stylish Living Space

The interior of the garage conversion ADU was designed with both style and functionality in mind. High-quality materials and finishes were used throughout, ensuring the new space was not only practical but also visually appealing. The addition of the extra bedroom provided the necessary accommodation for the growing family, while the breezeway maintained a sense of openness and accessibility.

Benefits of a Garage Conversion ADU

Maximizing Property Value

A garage conversion ADU is an excellent way to maximize property value. By converting unused or underutilized space into functional living areas, homeowners can significantly increase the overall value of their property. This is particularly true when the conversion is done in a manner that complements the existing home, as was achieved with this Spanish Bungalow.

Enhancing Living Space

For families like this one, a garage conversion ADU offers a practical solution to expanding living space without the need for a full-scale home addition. The added bedroom provided much-needed accommodation while maintaining the integrity of the backyard. This balance of indoor and outdoor space is crucial for families who value both aspects of their home environment.

The Future of Garage Conversion ADUs

Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

Each garage conversion ADU project presents unique challenges and opportunities. By working closely with homeowners, designers can create custom solutions that meet specific needs and preferences. The success of this Spanish Bungalow project highlights the importance of personalized design in achieving a harmonious and functional result.

Sustainable and Efficient Design

Garage conversion ADUs also offer opportunities for sustainable and efficient design. By repurposing existing structures, these projects can reduce the need for new construction materials and minimize environmental impact. Additionally, incorporating energy-efficient features and sustainable materials can further enhance the eco-friendliness of the ADU.


The transformation of a 1932 garage into a stunning Spanish Bungalow ADU is a testament to the potential of garage conversion ADUs. This project, expertly executed by KN Remodeling, demonstrates how thoughtful design can meet the needs of a growing family while preserving valuable outdoor space. By extending the structure forward and seamlessly integrating it with the existing home, we created a beautiful and functional living area that enhances the property’s overall value and appeal.

For homeowners considering a garage conversion ADU, this project serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved with innovative design and careful planning. Whether for additional family accommodation, rental income, or increased property value, a garage conversion ADU offers a versatile and valuable solution.

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