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ADU Guest House Plan in Santa Monica

320, 416, and 480 SQFT Plans Available

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA

Plans $6490

Est. Construction $205000

This petite ADU Guest House lives a lot larger than its modest 400 sqft footprint.The owners (a family of 4 with two teenagers at home) reached out to us because they desperately needed another bedroom for the frequent out-of-town guests they host.

They had recently purchased their dream home in Northridge, but quickly learned the home wasn’t big enough to accommodate their family of four AND their frequent guests. Not at the same time anyways.

The guests either had to stay in the Living Room on the pull-out sofa, or book a room at a nearby hotel during their stay. There just wasn’t enough room in the house to make everyone comfortable, so they were looking for answers when they stumbled upon our website and discovered our Modern Guest House plan.

The ADU Guest House was perfect for their needs. It would provide nice, private accommodations for the guests, and when not in use by guests could be used as a Pool House/Rec Room.

The small ADU Guest House has vaulted ceilings to give the home a very spacious feel inside, and the full-size kitchen is perfect for guests or to host pool parties during the Summer.

In our opinion it is the perfect addition to any family home, and its modest size make it fast and inexpensive to build.

It’s a real gem and we already have several more developments with this ADU Guest House plan in the works.

Imagine a world where out-of-town guests are no longer a logistical nightmare. Envision a solution that seamlessly expands your living space, fosters unforgettable family memories, and even enhances your property’s value. Look no further than the Northridge Oasis, a petite ADU Guest House designed to maximize functionality and comfort within a charming 400-square-foot footprint.

A Story of Family, Space, and Inspiration

This innovative ADU plan was born from a real-life scenario. A Northridge family of four, with two energetic teenagers, found themselves yearning for more space. Their recently acquired dream home, while perfect for their core family, didn’t quite accommodate the frequent influx of out-of-town guests. The solution? Cramming guests onto a pull-out sofa or shelling out for expensive hotel stays – neither offering a truly comfortable or enjoyable experience.

Enter the Northridge Oasis ADU Guest House:

Our ingenious guest house plan emerged as the perfect answer. It provides a private haven for visiting loved ones, eliminating the need for cramped living arrangements or impersonal hotel stays. But the benefits extend far beyond accommodating guests.

Beyond Hospitality: A Multifunctional Space for All Seasons

The Northridge Oasis Detached ADU versatility extends beyond its primary function as a guest house. When not hosting visitors, it transforms into an ideal Pool House/Rec Room. Imagine hot summer days spent poolside, with the ADU acting as a convenient space for grabbing refreshments, storing pool supplies, or simply taking a break from the sun. This multi-functionality adds immense value to your property, allowing your family to maximize the enjoyment of your Northridge home year-round.

Spacious Comfort in a Compact Design:

One might assume a 400-square-foot footprint translates to cramped quarters. However, the Northridge Oasis defies expectations. The use of vaulted ceilings creates an illusion of spaciousness, ensuring a comfortable and airy atmosphere for guests or family members using the space.

A Chef’s Delight, Even for Short Stays:

Beyond its spacious feel, the Northridge Oasis boasts a full-size kitchen. This unexpected amenity allows guests to prepare light meals or enjoy leisurely breakfasts without encroaching on the main house kitchen. It also proves instrumental during summer pool parties, offering a dedicated space for whipping up snacks or firing up the grill.

Why Choose the Northridge Oasis ADU Guest House?

  • Affordability and Speed: The modest size of the ADU translates to a faster and more cost-effective construction process, making this a budget-friendly option for expanding your living space.
  • Multi-Functionality: This ADU Guest House serves as a guest house, a pool house, and a rec room, adapting to your needs and maximizing the overall value of your property.
  • Spacious Comfort: Vaulted ceilings and smart design elements create an airy and inviting atmosphere, defying the limitations of its compact footprint.
  • Investment in Family and Fun: The Northridge Oasis fosters unforgettable family memories and provides a comfortable haven for cherished guests, strengthening the bonds within your home.

Ready to Create Your Northridge Oasis?

The Northridge Oasis ADU Guest House is more than just a building plan; it’s an investment in your family’s comfort, happiness, and the long-term value of your property. If you’re looking for a smart solution to accommodate guests, enhance your entertainment space, and create a true Northridge oasis, contact us today to discuss how we can make your vision a reality.

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