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Detached Garage Conversion ADU in Van Nuys

Studio, 3/4 BA | 550 SQFT

Van Nuys, Los Angeles, USA

Plans $7490

Est. Construction $145000

Transforming a Garage into a Family Investment: The ADU Project by KN Remodeling

Turning an underused 2-car garage into a fully functional accessory dwelling unit (Garage Conversion ADU) was more than just a renovation for our client; it was a meaningful investment in their family’s future. This new studio apartment now serves as a comfortable and private space for the client’s aging parents, located just steps away from the main house.

The Vision: Seamless Integration

Our clients had a clear vision for their ADU. They wanted it to blend seamlessly with the existing architecture of their home, preserving the aesthetic of their single-family residence and ensuring that the new unit would be virtually undetectable from the street.

The Design Challenge

To meet this vision, we designed an ADU that transformed the attached garage into a livable space without altering the exterior appearance of the home. The entrance to the ADU was discreetly placed in the side yard, and the existing garage door was replaced with a modern, insulated wall designed to look exactly like the original garage door.

Thoughtful Design and Execution

Our design process prioritized maintaining the architectural integrity of the main house while creating a functional and inviting living space. The new entrance to the ADU was strategically positioned in the side yard to ensure privacy and minimize disruption to the home’s exterior appearance. Additionally, we replaced the existing garage door with a modern, insulated exterior wall that was carefully designed to replicate the look of the original garage door. This thoughtful approach ensured that the ADU seamlessly blended with the existing home, preserving its curb appeal and maintaining the overall aesthetic harmony of the property.

Interior Features

Inside, the Garage ADU was equipped with a range of modern amenities to ensure comfort and functionality. We included energy-efficient appliances to reduce utility costs and promote sustainability. High-quality finishes, such as durable flooring and stylish fixtures, were selected to enhance the visual appeal and longevity of the space. The smart layout was meticulously planned to maximize every square foot, providing a cozy and efficient living area. The result is a welcoming and practical ADU that adds significant value to the property without sacrificing style or comfort.

The Outcome: Harmony and Functionality

The final result is a harmonious blend of comfort and aesthetics. The newly created ADU serves as a private and comfortable haven for the clients’ parents, granting them the independence they desire while keeping them close to family. This thoughtful design not only meets the functional needs of the occupants but also enhances their quality of life. The unit’s exterior seamlessly integrates with the existing home, preserving the neighborhood’s character and maintaining the original charm of the house. This attention to detail ensures that the ADU is both a practical living space and a visually appealing addition to the property.

Unlocking Potential in Your Own Home

This Garage Conversion ADU project illustrates how you can fully realize the potential of your existing spaces. By transforming an underutilized garage, backyard area, or similar space, you open up numerous possibilities. These spaces can be converted into a guest retreat, providing visitors with a comfortable place to stay. Alternatively, they can be used as a home office, creating a dedicated and peaceful workspace away from the main living areas. Additionally, these spaces can serve as rental units, generating extra income and making the most of your property’s value. This project showcases the versatility and benefits of ADUs, offering a practical solution to maximize space and functionality in your home.

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